Gate-Beauty Shot

The Blast Gate is inserted in the duct line from the tool to the central collector and is where most control and decision making takes place. It is connected to the Sensor, the System Controller and the next downstream Gate in the system. Its primary duties are to open and close the duct line from the tool to the central collector and signal the System Controller to turn the collector on and off.

When the Sensor signals the Gate that the tool has been turned on, the Gate’s motor opens the duct line. This is done with a motorized rotating blade under the control of a microprocessor in the Gate electronics. As the Gate is opening, it signals the System Controller to start the collector.

The Sensor signals the Gate when the tool is turned off. After a short 7 second delay, the Gate tells the System Controller to turn off the collector after which the Gate closes. This delay allows any leftover chips in the duct to be collected.

There is a jam detection function built into the Gate. Should any debris block the Gate from either opening or closing, the Gate will stop, reverse and try to clear the jam. If after three attempts the jam is still present, the Gate will simply freeze. After the jam is removed, the Gate can be reset by unplugging the Network cable from the System Controller and re-inserting the plug. The Gate will then auto-close and be once again ready for use.