If you are like many small woodworking shops, you have some sort of dust collection for the various machines. This may range from a roll-around collector you move from machine to machine or perhaps a central collector with ducting to each machine.

If you have a central system with ducting, you have certain requirements you must do:

  • Open the duct to the machine you intend to use (typically with a blast gate)

  • Turn on the collector

  • Finally, turn on the machine

After completing the work, the reverse process must now be done:

  • Turn off the machine

  • Turn off the collector

  • Close the machine’s blast gate.

Have you ever forgotten to close the blast gate? Wouldn’t it be slick if you could simply start the machine, do the task and turn the machine off without any other actions? This is what our system can provide. A sensor detects when your machine tool is started and in turn opens the tool’s associated blast gate. This in turn, starts the central collector.

After you have completed the task and turned off the machine, the collector is turned off after a short delay to clear any remaining debris in the duct work and then the gate is closed.

We offer a 3 Gate Starter System containing three 4″ Blast Gates, three Sensors and System Controller including all necessary cables.

Three Gate Starter Kit

Don’t be concerned about all this automatic stuff. If you can install a computer keyboard or mouse you can install our system. Whether you are building a new collection system or wish to retrofit an existing one, our system will provide you with many enjoyable hours of chip making!